Our shopping list.
Each of our cosy shops has its own selection of brands. Of course, each of our locations stocks a wide range of mattresses and beds made by Auping, ClimaComfort and ComfortZone (our private label). In addition, you can visit our shop in The Hague for Pullman and Tempur.

And in Rijswijk, you can see whether a box-spring combination by Pullman or Velda, an M-Line memory foam mattress or a StretchTop or Poseidon waterbed suits your requirements. Our friendly Voorburg shop sells box-spring combinations by Eastborn and Sand, as well as waterbeds by Poseidon and StretchTop, and M-Line memory foam mattresses.
Our specialty? Attention and expertise. We are fully geared to your wishes and circumstances and are not easily satisfied. Because our aim is to provide tailor-made service to keep our customers happy for years, specifically at night… That is why we also stock a wide range of bedroom furniture and don’t shy away from waterbeds. Quite the contrary, in fact.

The bulk of our range consists of brands that have proven their worth in the market many times over. Every one of our staff members has a wealth of hands-on experience in the field to meet your unique sleeping comfort needs. Do you have a medical condition that might interfere with a good night’s rest?

Rheumatoid disorders, oesophagus-related ailments, shoulder complaints or neck pain perhaps? Let us know and we’ll provide you with the best advice for your specific circumstances. We mainly stock boxspring systems, but also offer the best in waterbeds, slatted bases and other types of bed frames.
Besides helping you select a bed, we can also take care of the delivery and professional installation of wardrobes that no home improvement centre can match in terms of quality, allure and - in particular - options and customisation. Service, professionalism and personal attention: we offer it all and more.

Though financial constraints prevent us from translating our entire website into English, you can rest assured that we speak your language in our shops. One of our colleagues is even fluent in Spanish. Would you like to receive advice in Spanish? Then let us know when you will be visiting which branch and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.
We may speak different languages, but we all dream. At Dreamzzz, we can help you have sweeter, more relaxing dreams – because we are able to find the perfect bed for your build, sleeping position and taste.
We work to ensure that you wake up more relaxed and refreshed than ever. That’s our mission! Because we are Dreamzzz…